It is my philosophy that Life is meant to be enjoyed. Why not? Too many things are taken too seriously, from politics to elections to illnesses to divorce to lawsuits...


What happened to Laughter is the Best Medicine?


So in the interests of bringing smiles and laughter to us all, I'm setting up a collection of amusing videos to watch. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did.


We need more of these!. I have driven the highways and walked the sidewalks, and it is disheartening to see the garbage that is tossed onto the ground.


As they discovered in Gernany, this worked!! I wonder if we can get them here too.


I want to go on these stairs! My legs aside, I do enjoy stairs, or I used to. I think I'd make the effort to go up and down at least once a day for exercise.


Hmm.. that WAS the idea, wasn't it? It worked!


What an awesome collection of talent.


I knew the human voice is capable of some incredible feats (can you say Susan Boyle, etc.?) - but this is stunning. I wonder how many hours of practice went into this one?


Worth a share!