I have been a life-long artist who has now turned to the digital medium to express my creative talents. I work with a variety of small businesses to work with their professional appearance to help them be noticed, to help them stand out above the crowd. I enjoy working with color and designs to create web pages, presentations, newsletters, brochures and a variety of advertisements, flyers and logos! Samples of my designs can be found by clicking on the corresponding links at left.


I am a 'helper' who enjoys seeing people finding success in their own business ventures, for their success is also mine. I work with individuals and businesses with the goal of helping their businesses grow! As much as graphic design is a business, it's also a labor of love because I truly enjoy working at an artistic level with designs to create something fun, eye-catching and colorful as well as an extension of the individual or business that they represent.


Educating others about the various intricacies of design and web technologies is something I also strive to do. Most people are not aware of what is involved in creating designs then using various applications to bring them into existence, building websites or even updating or changing them. Besides the obvious, having the programs or correct tools TO create them, it also takes knowledge to apply those same tools. Unless you happen to already have any of the Adobe Creative Suite programs, which is what I use exclusively (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Acrobat and Flash), I will tell you that these are high end programs that take learning and skill to use effectively. As one who is pretty computer literate, even I admit that the above programs are not "overnight learners" but requires that the user takes time to master.


Expect future website updates to include "snapshot" educational tidbits of information about what it takes to create that work of art!