As a person with an Executive Assistant background, I have extensive (as in over 20 years!) PowerPoint presentation experience. I am Microsoft Office Specialist Certified in PowerPoint, Word and Excel - which means that I passed with flying colors a rather extensive test put out by Microsoft. Many clients can vouch for my knowlege of this program!


I am one of those rare "original" Microsoft Office users, which tells you my experience begins with the first version of Microsoft Word... meaning version 1.0! I remember those black screens with green type and using command keys before they invented "the Mouse"! Since those early days, I have used every version of MS Office and it's associated programs that has ever been released.


In PowerPoint, I have worked with media files, transitions, loopings, animations, graphics, charts, spreadsheets, templates, and more! Links provided here only provide a small sampling of the vast variety of presentations that I have created. Some of them have exceeded 10-20 megs in size, which does not always work well for providing "easy to view" samples via the internet.


Interested parties can always request samples to be emailed to them!



Additional Presentation Content to be added soon



Shore Natural

Avalon Coffee Template